LED Lighting Explained

Why switch to LED Lighting?

LED Lighting has made massive technological advances in recent years. The light now emitted from the newest LEDS bulbs is equal to or exceeds traditional halogen bulbs. When also considering the low power consumption and greater product lifetime (upto 50,000 hours) and the big money savings involved then it is easy to see why LED Bulbs have become the future of modern lighting.

Which bulb can I use?

There are LED Bulbs for all applications. The most common bulb in the UK is the E27 (Edison screw) or B22 (Bayonet) Halogen bulb which is found in almost every home and business.

Our range of BULBStar products are direct replacements for the E27/B22 halogen bulbs and need no special equipment or expertise to replace. From the moment they are installed money is being saved due the lower power demands.

LEDs4ME produce and supply lighting for all uses and applications, please call for friendly advice on which Bulbs would be suitable for you.

Choosing the right option

LED Lighting is available with many different options and at LEDs4ME we try to make things as simple as possible. Every LED lighting product we have available on our website states the equivelent product in a traditional light eg. halogen, fluorescent etc.

For example a 3Watt E14 LED Candle bulb would be an ideal replacement for a standard 25-40 Watt Halogen bulb. A 22Watt T8 Tube light would replace a standard 40Watt fluorescent tube.

Different colour options are also available. LED lights were once thought to give out a cold light compared to traditional halogen bulbs. With the advances in LED technology lights are available in different options of colour temperature. Warm white is often preferred for home lighting whilst neutral and cold white is great for commercial applications.